Primitive Rust

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Welcome to the Primitive Rust gaming adventure! Our goal is to bring you the optimal gaming experience through the wonders of Rust. We’ve taken this great game and sent it back in time. Come join the only populated, PVP, bow only Rust gaming server! Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible!

Server Info

The server is designed with you in mind (click the image above for server info):

*1 week map / 2 week BP wipe

*2x gather rate (sulfur 1.5x)

*BOW only (eokas craftable and waterpipe in rare loot)

*Satchels only (C4 rare loot)

*Server rewards and RP point shop

*Half Craft

*Furnace splitter and 2x smelt



*Dynamic cupboard sharing

*Player Ranks and Challenges



Click the image above to come join our great community of players.

Donate Today

If you’d like to contribute to our server, please click the image above.

Men at Arms Package:

*Start off with sign artist, an unbreakable torch, enhanced hammer, custom rock and skip Queue.

Paladin Package:

*The Ultimate Experience – adds in spawning w/ full health, ability to change name color and knock knock.

Cataphract Package:

*The package that knows no bounds – adds in firesword, backpack, quick sort and pets.

We also have RP Point packages available if you’re tired of hitting those barrels!

Your donations go to server upgrades, new paid plugins, and more!

Build a Grand RP Base

Or Raid Some Neighbors

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